Photographic Art of Window Reflections

Philadelphia, New York and Miami

Taken as a pedestrian with an iPhone, I seek accessible high art that celebrates our cities and buildings. With very few exceptions, the photographs are untouched by effects. No layers, no double images.

Each image comes alive through a combination of elements, separately or together: the time of day, angle of sun, the color and quality of the glass, surface heat and length of shot, interior colors, exterior motion, lines and space of subjects, people, displays, height, reflection and of course how clean the glass. All of these elements play a part in the composition.

  • SOM

  • Green Apple

  • Late For The Show

  • Russian Hill

  • Chinatown Girl

  • Dancing On A Grave

  • Corridor Statues

  • East Hall

  • Piping

  • Strolling

  • Giorgio

  • Feathers

  • 535

  • Elevator