Photographic Art of Window Reflections

Philadelphia, New York, Miami, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington DC

Ever walked down the street and observe for a brief moment an amazing reflection of a building in the window? Of course you have! Have you stopped to really look at it?

That’s what I do.

I stop to observe, study and sometimes deconstruct the moment of reflection most of us quickly glance at in our hurried days.

These are not ordinary window reflections. My window reflections have come to define a new level of the pedestrian’s observation. Many have an illustrative quality with the appearance of images laid on top of others. However, no effects of multi-image are applied and with just a few exceptions, the images are untouched by color adjustments. I pull from a window the depth, color, vibrancy, geometry and collage that is available to a passing pedestrians, if they would stop to look a little deeper.

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  • Green Apple

  • Late For The Show

  • Russian Hill

  • Chinatown Girl

  • Dancing On A Grave

  • Corridor Statues

  • East Hall

  • Piping