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You may be here to learn more about my my artwork, the books that I have authored; the Italian villa rentals I offer...among other things.

My Art Work

"Beautiful" "unique" and "enchanting" my work has been described. It is most certainly "original" photographic artwork of window reflections without any layering effects, which most are surprised to learn. Click on my online gallery to view a wide selection of work perfect for your home or business in a variety of sizes and substrates. All affordable, conversational, modern and beautiful.


Italian Villas

I also offer some really sweet villa and farmhouses vacation rentals in Italy. Surprisingly affordable - far less than the cost of a hotel for a group or family - and delivering a lifetime of memories. Renting a house is the most intimate and most affordable way to see the country up close. Click on my Italian Villas website link to view a wide selection of affordable houses and apartments in the best locations.


My Books

Based on my artwork, I've authored several coffee table books of on my Window Reflections photography that make a nice addition to a living room, office or medical lobby for guests or customers to leaf through. In addition to my Window Reflections books, I also offer you some witty books on Trump that are perfect for a bathroom. Have a look here.


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