Thanks for seeking me out…

These site should give you a little insight into some of my passions and where I can bring lasting value to you, your company or organization. The menu in this site will provide some depth to who I am and perhaps something will resonate with you.

You could best describe me as an entrepreneur, or an intrapreneur (one working his magic from the inside). But really I am an adventurer of business and ideas. Yes..I think that’s the best way to describe myself. I find life and possibilities really interesting, and am attracted to those that are open to change, new ideas and possibilities. I have many interests and with most I seek to bring it to share with others. I do this through making wine, through playing and teaching music; through my work and my businesses ideas past and present, photography and other passions.

I’m attracted to new ideas and technologies and have always found something fresh and usable in places others may not look. Life to me seems to have endless opportunity when you step across that threshold with the word “yes”. Generally that’s where the journey begins and value is found.

Whether you have come here from Linkedin, from some music source as a student or player, or are moved by my photographic images or my banjo CD for yoga and meditation, thanks for doing so. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Fifth Avenue as seen through the reflection in Apple’s Fifth Avenue cube entrance.

  • Astor Place.

  • Septa Entrance, Dilworth Park.

  • Flying high at Arden Theater, Old City.

  • Joseph Papp, LaFayette Street.

  • Lafayette and Bond Street.

  • The Plaza Hotel, Central Park South. Seen through the reflection in Apple’s Fifth Avenue cube entrance.

  • Reading Terminal from Banks & Bourbon.

  • Sister City Park, Race and 17th.